LNP Policy on Council Amalgamations

LNP in opposition seeks community input on issues including their proposals to de-amalgamation Councils. Click the link  …   . 2007 – Deputy leader Seeney LNP Policy 2007All pages

“The LNP in opposition has a clear policy that will allow the realignment of existing council boundaries around local communities of interest (de-amalgamation)”.  2009 – Leader of the Opposition Springborg LNP_letter_2mar

Would-be LNP Premier John-Paul Langbroek promises boundary realignment for Noosa. 2010  –  Langbroek will de-amalgamate _ Coolum & North Shore News

Pre-election headlines November 2011 ” A CanDo LNP Government will give Queensland communities a choice on local Council de-amalgamation”.   2011 – Pre-election LNP on de-amalgamation

“There will be no more de-amalgamations” (June 2014).   2014 – Hon David Crisafulli MP Minister for Local Government.