QLGRA members we need your action to support two important initiatives

By Queendland Local Government Reform Alliance

Dear QLGRA Member

We need your action to support two initiatives.  We need all QLGRA Group and individual members who feel strongly about forced amalgamations and the inherent lack of democracy to speak up now by writing to their State MP supporting the two petitions about to be presented to parliament.  This action will have the added effect of staking your own claim for change.

We believe the petitions will be on the agenda for 5th May

Residents in the Capella/Peak Downs region have collected over 800 signatures and presented a petition to State parliament which we believe will be on the agenda for 5th May.  Click here for more information on this initiative.  This petition clearly states their wishes to de-amalgamate from the Central Highlands Regional Council.

Rate Payers in the Maryborough region have done the same.  They are equally disgruntled with the failure of their new Mega council, Fraser Coast Regional Council, to meet the needs of the region and have an overwhelming desire for more local, responsive and representative council.

These two submissions will carry weight in their own right. However, now is a golden opportunity for residents of the 19 Regional Council areas throughout Queensland who are equally dis-satisfied, to be heard by adding their voices in support of these submissions.

This action will serve two purposes:

  1. It will add weight to the two petitions already presented so they may be seriously considered this time instead of being binned as happened under the previous government
  2. It will tell Parliament that a large number of Queenslanders are unhappy with the Mega Councils foisted on them in 2008 and are calling for change.

Members, now is a golden opportunity to make an impact – we have a hung parliament so MPs are very keen to keep voters on side; add to that the fact that the vast majority of the parliamentarians are “new” and no doubt are trying to do the right thing – when they receive a flood of letters from their constituents supporting these two petitions and outlining the failure of the Mega councils throughout Queensland they will take notice.

So as a matter of urgency let’s add our voice to the residents of the Capella/Peak Downs and Maryborough regions and make our State representatives aware that the Mega Councils are a disaster and there is an urgent need for change.


Astrid Kennedy