Rate Payer turns up the heat

Rate payers are turning up the heat on Moreton Bay Regional Council. This letter was sent to all local newspapers in the area

Dear Editor,

Suppose you donated $110M [of somebody else’s money and without their approval] towards a project.

Suppose you take all the credit for this generous donation and applaud yourself long and often in the media for your wisdom and foresight.

Then perhaps you have some responsibility, some sense of ownership for the project, some duty of care towards the public safety and for the proper expenditure of the money on the project. Sounds like the Kippa-Ring railway to which our Mayor and his 12 ever-silent colleagues gave away so much of our rates money on a state responsibility.

Now that it has turned sour due to unforeseen circumstances, poor design or whatever; the Mayor suddenly distances himself, suddenly he has got nothing to do with it, he washes his hands, he demands an enquiry, he needs to blame anybody except himself, he needs a scapegoat. He is now demanding compensation for these unfortunate ratepayers whose houses were destroyed. Too late Alan!

Perhaps the enquiry he is demanding will finally make public the still secret deal he did with the state government.

Ken Park