About Us

The Queensland Local Government Reform Alliance grew out of the forced amalgamation (2007) and failed de-amalgamation bids (2012) that have impacted many Queensland Councils.

The Alliance aims to become a powerful  movement, “a statewide alliance of Queensland organisations and individuals aimed at re-empowering communities.

Its main objective is to work with councils and the LGAQ, and to lobby strongly for State Government to return local governments to pre-amalgamation status,  or create new boundaries, or adopt other means, to recognise local authority based on community of interest.

We believe that local government boundaries should  reflect commonly held beliefs about community and identity, local amenity and service, thus re-empowering  communities, and that as part of this we will promote better articulated State Constitutional recognition of Local Government”.

Having grown out of the ‘Local Government reform – Re-empowering communities’ Forum held in Stanthorpe in Feb 2013, the formation of QLGRA was formalised on 13th July and it now has representatives from across the state.

At the February 2013 Forum, Professor Brian Dollery and Scott Prasser presented research based empirical evidence that amalgamation of rural and regional councils to large regional councils has not worked, has not created savings and has generally shown diseconomies of scale and resulted in higher costs and reduced services to ratepayers.

Other speakers, including Mayor Paul Antonio (Toowoomba), outlined their concerns and experience after 5 years of amalgamation. A transcript of the Forum is available that details the arguments for smaller councils.

 Membership is open to community organisations or groups and individuals. Application forms are available on this site.

Order forms for the Transcript ‘Proceedings of the Local Government Reform : Re-empowering communities ‘ are also available. (See ORDER FORM page)



QLGRA – qlgralliance@gmail.com

President Colin Hewett  –  Redcliffe  –  0435 073072   enquirer7@bigpond.com

Secretary– Ian Hannah – St George


QLGRA Goals  (Please click on the link below)


QLGRA Constitution  (Please click on the link below)


Management Committee  (Please click on the link below)



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