Foundation Goals



I. to promote community acceptable natural Local Government boundaries that reflect locally held beliefs about community and identity, and provide local amenity and service;


II. Recognition in the State Constitution of Local Government as a legal entity with a clearly articulated role in governing, such that it can only be changed after a majority vote in a properly constituted referendum;


iii. retention and maintenance of reasonable levels of State and Federal Grants and Subsidies to support the necessary and important role of Local Government in providing and supporting rural and regional infrastructure serving not only local communities but also the state and the nation.


Strategic goals:


iv. to promote the benefits of effective, community based ‘local’ government throughout the general public and as an area of learning and study in tertiary institutions;


v. to share the commonality of our cause with all amalgamated shires and promote the sharing of strategy and resources to overcome barriers to de-amalgamation and boundary changes.

The committee believes without achieving the Primary GOALS everything else will be futile, and governments will continue to do what they will with Local Government such as dismiss, replace, amalgamate or eliminate, generally against the communities’ wishes.


Obviously achieving these goals will be a huge task for QLGRA, so it is most important that the communities and their own organizations joining QLGRA agree to present a United Front, and remain non-partisan and non-political. We can achieve this only if we are UNITED in our goals and remain FOCUSED on these goals. Unity will be our strength. Therefore our motto should be:




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