NSW council amalgamations: Baird Government urged to avoid Queensland’s merger mistakes

ABC News Brisbane (16 Feb 2016) reportes   ……

Forcing NSW councils to amalgamate could create “ungovernable” communities if residents’ concerns are not properly considered, two former ministers who worked with merged councils in Queensland have warned.The ex-ministers, from both sides of politics, produced a report that said “many councils in Queensland are still paying a high price” for mergers that were not well planned.

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“Bigger is not Better” Professor Dollery presents new research.

Professor Dollery and his colleagues from UNE have taken advantage of being able to use 2014 data to compare the performance of merged councils with their unmerged counterparts over ten years. When researching the Queensland data, where in 2008, 157 councils were merged into 73, it was demonstrated that this resulted in a greater proportion of councils exhibiting dis-economies of scale. That is, mergers created entities that were simply too large to be run efficiently.

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16.3.31 Dollery Bigger is not Better’ in ‘The Conversation’ https