Key points from QTC’s report on the cost of Council de-amalgamations

In 2012/2013 Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) provided de-amalgamation analyses identifying one-off costs that de-amalgamated councils were likely to incur.   Four regional council areas were permitted to de-amalgamated at that time and the costs, in some cases, were sixty percent below the figures quoted by QTC.  QLGRA committee member David Horner’s summary of the key points from the QTC report as presented to the Maryborough AGM are published below.

Queensland Auditor Office Report 2013-14 as Presentated to 2014-15 AGM

Notes from Meeting – May 2015

These are the first “Notes from Meeting” to be uploaded to the QLGRA website for members use.  At the May 2015 meeting it was agreed that a summary of discussions from the Committee meeting and actions to be taken should be made available to members to help keep everyone across the issues and to assist in any action planned at local level.

Notes from Meeting – 13 May 2015

Proposed amalgamations – Wellington N.Z.

There are plans in Wellington, New Zealand to merge 9 councils into one super council.   Wellington radio announcer Tim Fookes interviewed QLGRA President Bob Johnson on the Queensland amalgamation experience.

To listen to the interview click on the link