2019 QLGRA Bi-annual Conference

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It would be a big help with planning if you could visit our Facebook page below and indicate that you are or  even MAY be attending.

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2018 February Forum at Redcliffe

2016/2017 Annual General Meeting

2015/2016 Annual General Meeting

2014/2015 Annual General Meeting

2013/2014 Annual General Meeting

 Statewide petition presented to Parliament

STA291013petition (10) Mary Rofe (IT Officer), Bob Johnson (QLGRA President, Sue Johnson (Principal Petitioner) presenting the petition to the Qld Minister for Health, the Hon. Lawrence Springborg on October 25th 2013. The petition was tabled Monday 29/10/13 accompanied by a letter to all MP’s.

letter to Members of Qld Legislative Assembly

QLGRA members April 2013
Joseph Monsour, Bob Johnson, Laurie Dagg, Sue Johnson, Mary Rofe, Joanna Kesteven QLGRA members attend SAVE REDCLIFFE rally

The fledgling statewide lobby group QLGRA, came out in force to support ratepayers in Moreton Bay in their campaign for fair chance at a referendum to de-amalgamate. The local petition gathering process was road-blocked by the inaction of Scott Driscoll MP in the de-amalgamation process laid down by LNP government thus preventing a valid application from these ratepayers. They sought permission to have extra time to gather signatures and were able to gather over 12 thousand. The local Government Minister continues to refuse them the opportunity to put this issue to referendum.

une_book-Funding-_the_Future_17981                   UNE launches new study into Local Government Sustainability

This is how well Qld was represented prior to the undemocratic 2008 forced amalgamations which took away half of our truly local Councils!


Inaugural meeting in Toowoomba

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