Professor Prasser said ..

“You know the amalgamation in Queensland in 2007 was never mentioned in the 2006 election. The Government lied to the people and lied to Local Government. That was a blatant lie about things. The process was appalling and what about the present Government’s promise to undo amalgamation? “

“In the Queensland amalgamations the Legislation was done in 14 hours in an all night sitting. Is that the way you have democratic discussion in Australia? It’s unacceptable. Why do we accept that? Good question. Why do we accept having debate of Legislation rammed through?”

“Now the people who succeed in politics, who succeed in getting their viewpoints across, are the ones who mount their case based on rational evidence and stick to it   ……   It’s very hard to get people to listen to you sometimes, but you’ve got to keep pounding away, and that’s what really takes the effort.”

The full transcript can be read by clicking this link Professor Scott Prasser

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