QLGRA is now running a comprehensive survey about local government matters:

Go to survey: ‘How Well Does Your Council Serve Your Local Community?’

We’re gathering data on how well councils are serving individuals and local communities. We’d like to know if they are improving or getting worse, and especially the effect of boundary changes (such as amalgamations).
We use skip logic – so you can choose to complete the survey in under 10 minutes or to give more detailed responses if you have the time. There’s also an option to provide detail on rate increases over time. It is completely anonymous unless you choose to include your contact details.
Please consider contributing – and encourage everyone you know to have their say too.  The results of this survey will inform our priorities as we lobby the Queensland State Government and others into the future.

The survey will be open online from November 2016 to August 2017.  Initial results should be available from September 2017, and we’ll publish this soon on our website.   (Of course, we will keep all confidential information secure – only statistically secure aggregate data will be released.)

Go to survey: ‘How Well Does Your Council Serve Your Local Community?’

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why conduct a survey now?

A.  In March 2017 it will be 9 years since widespread forced council amalgamations occurred in many areas of Queensland.  The same procedure has also recently affected many in NSW.  It was a huge structural change to local government in the state, and we feel that any other large organisation would review the effectiveness of such a massive event.  We were promised many advantages – we believe it is time ratepayers are given a chance to provide some feedback on how it has affected them.

Q.  Is this just a negative attack on councils?

A.  No.  We have taken extraordinary lengths to make sure that all of the questions and words used in the survey are unbiased.  There are many opportunities to provide positive feedback, and in our testing this has occurred.  We anticipate there’ll be a wide range of views – that some regional councils work better than others, that there are some areas and localities with real problems that need to be addressed and, conversely, that there are some issues common to all councils irrespective of history or location.  QLGRA doesn’t advocate any generalised outcomes state-wide.  Rather, we feel it’s important to give local communities a voice and an opportunity to identify what is working and what is not.

Q. Why can’t you supply the survey on paper?

A. Cost is the major factor – a printed survey would cost almost 50 times as much as this online version.  The other factor is the skip logic used – only relevant questions are asked, based on previous responses.  Most people see about 50 questions of which they may answer around half – but there are over 300 questions in total, some of which have large numbers of possible responses, which would waste a large amount of paper.

It is possible for the survey to be completed off-line using a tablet, but this requires the appointment of official data collectors and additional costs.  Data collectors would need to agree to appropriate procedures and to contribute the additional cost of A$12 per month per tablet.  If you are keen to explore this option, please contact us at:

Q.  What happens to the data from the survey?

A.  We’ll publish statistically secure aggregate data once it is processed.  There is also an option at the end of the survey for respondents to ask to receive these general results.  If there are some strongly significant outcomes, we’ll do our best to bring this to the attention of the media and all concerned.

We’ll also compile results relevant to individual councils and localities, and release this where there is sufficient data to ensure respondents’ confidentiality is protected.  We’ll make this information available to the relevant councils, the state government and any other interested organisations if requested.  Our objective is always to assist in improving how councils can serve local communities.

Q.  Why can’t I connect to the survey or am having other technical issues?

A.  This online survey is hosted by QuickTapSurvey in Canada.  Some older browsers and operating systems may not support all of the features used by this company.  If you are using one of the browsers listed below and encountering problems, we suggest checking that you are running a fairly recent version.

Responding to QuickTapSurvey Online Surveys is fully supported on recent versions of:
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Mobile iOS 8.x+)
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10/11 (IE 8 and later should work OK for most things)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Android (Marshmallow/Lollipop)

Go to survey: ‘How Well Does Your Council Serve Your Local Community?’