Democracy a dirty word in Queensland

New Qld Councils after residents get referendum

This is justice for some and denial of democracy for others. 19 council areas attempted to regain their proper local boundaries braving the flawed and discriminatory LNP government process. Where is the justice for them?

Many other council areas were prevented from even attempting the process, ‘which was set up to fail’ according to the Mayor of Toowoomba, by the lack of timely information, and brief time frame for gathering signatures and preparing proposals.

Minister Crisafulli admitted the petitions were not his idea and were not even part of his considerations. His determination of proposals fit to go to referendum was based purely on ratepayer base – the 15 days from close of submissions to announcement of successful areas meant that smaller council areas had to be automatically ruled out – WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THEIR SUBMISSIONS!

This is not democratic or even truthful, however the current LNP government expects the ratepayers of Qld to just roll over and accept this travesty because they have arbitrarily decided that Queensland can’t afford so many councils drawing on the public purse.

Every scholarly study and every piece of empirical evidence points to the fact that smaller councils based on natural boundaries are more cost effective – yet we have this failed  philosophy of centralised control permeating every corner of government.

The ratepayers of Qld deserve better.